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Demolition Contractors in Raleigh, NC

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“I could only destroy to build.” - Sergei Polunin

When you need to prepare an area for the construction or renovation of a particular building, demolition may be an essential part of the process.

If you want fast turn-around and quality work, allow Raleigh’s top demolition company to help you. With our experience and training, you can rest assured that your residential or commercial property is in good hands. From interior demolitions to total dismantling, you can always expect quality craftsmanship from our team.

Can a general contractor do demo work?

Can you hire a general contractor to demolish a structure on your property?

The answer depends on your location and project. In some states, a general contractor would only be allowed to demolish a building that is less than 3 stories. If the building exceeds the height set by your state’s local building code, you will need to hire a general contractor that is certified in your area.

In North Carolina, demolitions can be done by general contractors that specialize in building demolition and construction. However, there is a financial threshold that has to be followed, which is $30,000. The bigger the amount of the contract is, the contractor must have to be licensed to be qualified for the role.

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For example, if the contract’s value is around $40,000, the GC must be licensed before doing demo work. This is to ensure that the contractor actually knows the trade and would be equipped with the knowledge and training necessary once there are certain issues or hazards with the job.


Why choose us?

If you are looking forward to starting your remodeling, renovation, or construction project, having the demolition work done and out of the way gives you the chance to work on it. However, demo work should never be done haphazardly.

Demolition work goes beyond destruction. Without proper knowledge and experience, it is easy to destroy property and put others in harm’s way. This is the reason why you need a professional team to do the job.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the possible “hazards of demolition work can be controlled and eliminated with the proper planning, the right personal protective equipment, necessary training”, and the act of complying with the standards they set for the ultimate safety of the workers. (1)

When you work with a professional team, you will know what it is like to have an expert crew that will always aim to follow a schedule. A team that values your time. The ones who see the value of your resources.

If you need demolition services in Raleigh, North Carolina, there is no need to waste your time any longer. Call us today – we already have the equipment and men ready for the job.

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Our services

Residential demolition

Are you looking for a trustworthy company to demolish a structure in your residential property?

If you need a house demolition service, we are here to help. Our efficient methods will always be practiced ensuring that your property is safe for your loved ones. We also do the following:

a)   Interior demolitions
b)   Garage demolitions
c)   Pool demolitions
d)   Tile floor demolitions

garage demolition
demolition contractor in raleigh

Commercial demolition

Commercial demolitions can be overwhelming due to their scale, the need to secure permits, and how pedestrians and the general public must be notified ahead of the demo schedule.

When you leave the work to the pros, you know that everything will be taken care of. From getting permits to following the set schedule and proper safety procedures, leave the matter to us.

Concrete removal service

Do you have a concrete structure on your property that you no longer use? Do you have pieces of concrete lying around after a demo or construction job? Since they are heavy to move around and challenging to dispatch, you may not know what to do with them once your project is over.

Allow our team to do the demo and removal for you. With our equipment and training, our contractors can do the job with your safety in mind.

concrete demolition
mobile home demolition

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is one of the hazardous materials that may be found on your property. Since they can cause severe health conditions, removing and disposing of them properly should be a priority.

Our highly trained demo workers will prioritize the safety of the people on your property. When it comes to asbestos detection and removal, you can always rely on us.

Mobile home demolition and removal

Mobile homes are convenient. However, they do not last that long.

If you have an unused or dilapidated mobile home on your property, it may be time to have it disposed of. Our services include getting the necessary permits and ensuring that your property will be free from debris once we are done.

commercial demolition service

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Contact the best demo company in town

No matter how big or small your project is, you can always rely on our team to give you the most affordable and efficient demo services in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We take great pride in our business and the way we value our customers. For more information about our services or to receive a free quote, call us today.


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