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There are several ways to demolish a residential or commercial structure.

At times, the only thing that may be necessary to take down is the interior part of the building. If this is the case, high precision and accuracy are important skills that your contractor must have.

When it comes to interior or “selective” demolitions, our team is 100% ready for the job. If you are looking for an affordable interior demolition company in Raleigh, call us today.

What is the purpose of demolition?

“If you cannot build from nothing, then you'll have to destroy in order to create.” - Lionel Suggs

Demolition is the process of taking down or dismantling a particular structure or some of its parts. During interior demolitions, instead of taking down the entire structure, only the interior parts are being removed while the exteriors are most likely preserved.

For example, if an owner needs to remodel their bedroom, our demo crew will start to take down the bedroom’s wall or ceiling before their construction company builds a new one. By getting the materials away, the area will be ready for the remodeling procedure.

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Essentially, the main purpose of interior demolitions is to strip down the internal parts of a particular room or building. This usually includes flooring, drywall, appliances, slabs, cabinets, and more, depending on the project.


A pre-demo checklist

Selective demolitions can be quite confusing, especially for first timers. To help you prepare and get more at ease with the procedure, here are some tips you should follow for a smoother demolition process.


Notify your neighbors about your project

In some states, notifying your neighbors before starting demolition work is not that strictly required. However, we strongly advise you to do it. Why? Because demolitions, even if just done internally, can be very disturbing and loud.

As much as possible, inform your lovely neighbors at least a month before your project starts. Not only will they be more amiable once the work starts, but they will also extend the same decency once they start a demolition job on their property as well. You would not want to wake up suddenly without knowing why there are loud banging noises in your neighborhood too, would you?

Know the several phases for an interior demolition job

Your contractor will not just show up on your property one day and start tearing down your walls.

There will be an assessment, then you will probably want to secure or remove your appliances out of the way before the work starts.

Once the demo date is scheduled, it would be best to call your utility company and inform them of your upcoming demolition. They may advise you to turn off your electricity and plumbing or will do so themselves to avoid potential accidents.

Do not hesitate to ask your contractor to explain the process to you. Only then will it be possible to know what to expect, especially when it comes to the timeframes.

Obtain the necessary permits

According to the National Demolition Association, there are certain practices that must be observed by contractors, and many projects “require permit review by local municipal building departments.” (1) For your safety and the protection of the workers and other people near you, obtaining a permit is essential before the start of the demo project.

Coordinate closely with a local contractor to ensure that they are following your state’s building standards. Or else, prepare to be fined just because you were not aware of your area’s codes and ordinances.

Decide what to do about the debris beforehand

After the removal of your basement, stairs, and other interior components, you may be surprised at the amount of junk your contractor will recover. In this case, do you want them to leave the junk so that you can reuse them (if possible) or would you want them to take care of it themselves?

Hauling debris can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Hence, you should discuss your options with your demolition company beforehand to avoid future headaches.

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Believe us when we say demolitions are not the job you should try to unleash your inner MacGyver. Although we understand the need to be thrifty, not all projects are safe to do by yourself. Hence, professionals exist for a reason.

Demolition work is actually more delicate than what you may think. Since it is easy to make mistakes, hiring a team with years of experience will give you the peace of mind that they can do the job efficiently and safely.

Attempting to take down a load-bearing wall

If you really do not have the budget yet, you may try to take down cabinets and appliances but never, ever, take chances in removing a load-bearing wall.

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At times, you may not even know that the wall you are planning to remove is the one that keeps your home or office standing.

What happens if you make a mistake? It is highly possible that it will cause structural issues in your property that will be difficult to fix. Plus, there is also a chance that you may hit on a pipe, electrical wiring, and more. Because of this, learning to identify a load-bearing wall or much better, hiring a pro to do it lessens the risk and ensures a safe dismantling process.

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