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Residential Demolition Contractors in Raleigh

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Are you looking for a residential demo contractor to help with your project?

In this case, our team serving Raleigh, North Carolina can be of service. With our years of experience and affordable services, you can always expect high-quality workmanship that would not put holes in your pocket.

Why choose our team?

When you are on the lookout for a demo company, there are many things you should consider before signing that contract. After all, demolitions are serious work that may lead to accidents and damage to your property.

Because of this, we want you to know about the reasons why hiring our team would be the best decision you will make for your project.

5 reasons why we are the crew for the job

1.     Top-notch services
If you need high-quality workmanship, there is no need to look further. Ask your neighbors for references and you may only hear good reviews from our work.

Of course, our clients are satisfied with our work for many reasons. The most important secret behind their raving reviews is because of our genuine desire to help. Because of this, you can always expect to get value from our services.

2.     Reliability
It can be extremely stressful to be in a spot where you do not know what to expect from your demo contractor. They may not follow schedules, may show up late, or may under-deliver.

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When you work with us, best believe that we are all in. We hate wasting your time – when there are changes to schedules or expected timeframes, expect that you will be kept informed every step of the way.

3.     Efficiency
When it comes to taking down buildings and interiors, every second is important. Our skilled team understands that demolitions are usually the first step in many remodeling or construction projects.

Because of this, it is a priority for us to be precise and accurate with our work. Every hour is productive and well-planned. As to the equipment, our operators have years of experience in handling the machines and will always put safety first on the list.

4.     Asbestos removal
When taking down a building, there is a possibility that it may contain asbestos – a hazardous mineral that can cause a variety of health conditions. According to the National Cancer Institute, asbestos is a health hazard that can “get trapped in the lungs and remain there for a long time,” causing various health conditions. (1)

Some residential properties may be made with toxic materials. Hence, hiring a demo contractor who knows how to deal with hazards is extremely important.

5.     Fair rates
Finally, another reason why you should hire our team will be due to our fair rates. As a local company, we know how demolition costs can be very steep.

Ask us for a no-obligations necessary estimate. When you put your trust in our services, best believe that we will respect our agreed-upon budget.


Services we offer

There are several reasons why residential demolition services are necessary. Here are the services we specialize in:

a)    Interior demolition

Are you remodeling a part of your home? Do you need to demolish a wall, tile floor, ceiling, or particular part of your residential property?

This service involves the process of taking down the inner part of your building while preserving its exteriors.

b)    Dismantling

Do you want to reuse the materials once the demolition is complete?

This service involves the process of deconstructing a structure or building using manual techniques that prioritizes the preservation of the existing materials in your property.

c)    Total demolition

Are you building a new structure on your property?

In this case, taking down the entire structure using various equipment is what we will do.

Other services

d)    Pool demolition
e)     Garage demolition
f)      Barn demolition

  • Residential Demolition
  • Building Demolition
  • Inground Pool Demolition
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Site Clearing

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What to do before demolishing a house

Contrary to what some people may believe, taking down a residential property can be just as complicated as taking down a commercial one.

Before a house gets demolished, here are some things you should know:

Permits may be necessary

Depending on the project, ask your contractor or local authorities if you will need to get permits. This is to avoid future problems later.

You should inform your neighbors

It is only right to inform your neighbors of your demolition schedule.

garage demolition

Since some projects can be very noisy, telling them in advance allows your neighbors to be prepared for the disturbance.

Disconnecting utilities is important to prevent accidents

Not disconnecting your gas, electricity, or water at least a few weeks before the demo work can cause serious accidents. To prevent this, call your utility companies and inform them of your project beforehand.

Look for a temporary place to stay in

Depending on the type of demolition you are getting done on your property, you should make plans in case you need a temporary shelter during the demo work.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

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“It is far better to make corrections before implementing a plan rather than after.”

There are many things that need to be considered in a demolition project. Aside from the actual dismantling or taking down of the building, there is also a need to follow a schedule so that neighbors and pedestrians would not be affected by the demo work.

When you put your trust in a company that is truly efficient and reliable, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

For more information about our services or to get an estimate, call us today.


  1. Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk | National Cancer Institute