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Tile Floor Removal and Demolition Services in Raleigh

Is your tile floor already looking old and chipped? Do you want to add new tiles to freshen up your space?

For tile floor demolitions, our demo crew in Raleigh is here to help you. With our experience and skills, we humbly take pride in what we do.

Transforming your residential or commercial space does not have to be expensive. By just adding a new tile pattern, you can make your area feel cozy and new. If you want precise service, send us a message.

Why hire the best demo company in town?

Before you can install your shiny, new, tiles, removing your old flooring is highly recommended.

This is because just putting the new flooring over your old one can affect its durability. Over time, you may see it chipping just because of the old tiles underneath the surface.

What happens when you hire a professional team? Although you can try and do it yourself, nothing beats an experienced crew. We guarantee the following:

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Efficient and skilled service

Removing tiles can be a very exhausting project. Since it involves prying off the flooring using manual tools, it may take you several days to do the job in a big room or building. This is exactly where we can help you.

When you put your trust in our team, the time it takes to complete the job will significantly decrease. Meaning, you are much closer to your dream flooring than you ever were before.

Plus, our training will ensure that there is minimal damage to your property, especially to your subfloor. As a result, not only can you expect fast service, but you will also be confident that there are no expensive mistakes in the process.

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Reliable crew

Have you experienced hiring a contractor before that has only left you disappointed? They may not follow schedules, show up late, or may not be as dependable as you may think.

We understand how frustrating it can be to get unsatisfactory results from your demo project. As much as possible, we would never want this to happen to you again. When you work with our team, you will get what you were promised.

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Equipped with the necessary tools

Demolition projects require several tools and equipment for a more efficient completion job. When you hire our team, there is no need to wonder about buying materials or asking around where to rent one.

We will come to your property equipped with the essential tools, jackhammer, and machines. With our training, we absolutely know how to operate them for a smoother tile removal process. Since demo work can be dangerous, we will always make sure to wear protective gear.

Responsible waste disposal

Removing floor tiles can be very messy. There will be piles of dust, marble, concrete, and other materials you would not want lying around your property.

When you contact us for help, expect a neat area once we are done. Also, it is our priority to reuse the demolished debris as much as possible. According to nibusinessinfo.co.uk, reusing tiles as reclaimed materials and “recycling into aggregate” are good ways to reduce wastage. (1)

As a local business, we will always make sure to give back to our environment. Because of this, we will always be advocates of the reuse, reduce, and recycle rules in waste management.

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Our services include

These are the services we provide to the residential and commercial properties in Raleigh:

a)    Tile removal
b)    Flooring removal
c)     Hardwood floor removal
d)    Carpet removal
e)    And more

Whether you need us to remove your kitchen or office flooring, best expect superior services no matter how big or small the project is.

Our tile floor demolition process

“Removing a tile floor takes time, effort and care to leave the surface ready to accept whatever comes next.” Mick Telkamp

Our process focuses on three things – proper removal, disposal, and safety. Since there is a possibility that there are hazardous materials in the flooring such as asbestos, our experienced crew will be fully equipped with protective gear to handle a variety of dangers in the job.

Phase 1: Assessment and scheduling

In this phase, our crew will go into your property to assess the project. This is also the time when we will give you an estimate of our fees. Once we reach an agreement, we will then create a schedule to make way for obtaining permits and other essential matters such as turning off utility.

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Phase 2: Demolition work

In this stage, our team will start the removal of your flooring. Depending on what is needed, we may make use of manual tools and advanced equipment for the easy removal of grout, adhesive, and other concrete material.

Phase 3: Waste disposal

Finally, once the floor demolition is complete, we will then take care of the waste removed in the project.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

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Get a free estimate for your project today

Tile demolitions can be messy. When you work with our team, you will not be left alone with a property full of debris. We take clean-ups very seriously.

Are you planning to remodel your home or commercial building? In this case, you will highly benefit from the best demolition company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

To get the best crew to assist you in removing your tiles, contact us today. Only then will you be able to get the bang for your buck. From the assessment, removal, and up to the disposal of the demolished material, you can always rely on our experienced team.


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